Getting creative

It’s a tough road, being creative.

It shouldn’t be, what with all the mounds of infinite  inspiration and outlets afforded to artists. But it is. It’s a challenge, and one that I’ve gladly accepted with pencil to paper and mindgears spinning. 
Sometimes the pencil breaks, on it’s own or by my frustrated force. And the gears seize up, the grinding shrill squeak echoing in my head. I hit a wall with a story. My pinup or sketchcover isn’t coming together the way I planned. It happens to all of us.
When your life revolves around these sessions of creating art, it’s almost devastating when there’s a void in the inspiration and everything stops. Sometimes I just want to break down and let it go. I’ll feel heavy headed, and no amount of words from others will pull me out of the mire.

At some point, though,  I will stop and think really hard about why I’m here and what I’m worth to what I’ve dedicated my life to. And it sure as hell isn’t about sitting on my ass feeling hard done by.
I’m here for one reason. I’m supposed to give everything and all my energy and positivity to the one thing I love most. Art.

It’s only as hard a road as you make it.



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QuickDraw video – First attempt

Recently I was asked if I wanted to be filmed sketching for what’s known as  ‘quicksketch video’. Basically after I’m recorded doing a 15-20 min sketch, the video is sped to 2x speed and accompanied by music. Sufficed to say it was interesting to see me work in a lightning fast pace, seemingly making me look that much more pro lol. Anyway, here’s the result.

Many thanks to my friend John. J.C. Bulmer for the video, as well as the fine folks at We Got The Geek.

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FanExpo 2013 come and gone.

I suppose the reason I haven’t or didn’t report on FanExpo, aside from being busy with trying to get work done to pay the bills, is well, there wasn’t too much to report. I managed with a couple of friends, and the help of another friend to procure a table at the last minute in artist’s alley at the show. The location was meh, but beggars can’t be choosers. I was fortunate and thankful to be at the show, but honestly I will make a more valiant effort to get settled with a table next year. Buuuut…

That’s the thing, in my line of work. You never know how your money situation from one project to the next is going to work out. So during the past year, I have been struggling to get the money flow going, and it was going pretty well. Alas not well enough to secure a table. I knew however, that if I didn’t make it to the show that I would regret it. So when an opportunity made itself known, I jumped at it. It was a hanging-by-the-nails moment up until showtime, but it worked out.  The 4 days were busy, but not lucrative. hopefully next year might yield better results.

So since then, I’ve been back to whichever projects I’ve had to finish up, and as well messing around with a couple of sketchcovers. I promised myself that I wouldn’t be spending so much time on them. Honestly though, if it helps me retain that ‘drawing every day’ groove, then why not.

249314_10153183649790321_882450401_n 1170665_10153175781145321_1823032004_n


I’m still hoping to make some appearances at whatever small show venues will have me, as it does help with my exposure to the comic/gaming/geek community, and the rest of the showgoing public. It’s all about getting your name out there, right?


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12 Hour Comic Book Challenge Marathon – July 2013

So once again I took part in the Comic Challenge at the Comic Book Lounge and Gallery, this time again of the 12-hour variety. Of course I was surrounded by many familiar and new faces, all of which were full of creative energy.

I chose this time out to do the comic myself, writing and art. And I think that it turned out pretty decent. It was a story idea that I had put aside shortly after finishing college, and never thought to do anything with until today :)

So, for your viewing curiosity, is my solo effort titled,  – Greylight – the story of Ordine, a man chosen to be a herald of a mystical power called the Greylight, an ability to travel between realms and see that which is unseen by normal mortals. His belief is that he is the  sole multi-realm representative in this city he calls home, until he is proven otherwise…

Greylight_001 Greylight_002 Greylight_003 Greylight_004 Greylight_005 Greylight_006 Greylight_007 Greylight_008 Greylight_009 Greylight_010 Greylight_011 Greylight_012
Many thanks go out to Kevin Boyd and Keiren Smith for hosting another great event!
I will most likely ink and properly finish up this comic for print.

Until then, sleep for moi.


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Upcoming events and such .. Summer 2013

Hey just wanted to give you all the low down on what’s on tap for me this summer  -

June 8-9  –  Niagara Falls Comic-Con (table 744)

I’ll be hanging in Artist Alley with a whack of other amazing creators , sketching and hanging out! You really should make time for this show that’s grown leaps and bounds in the past couple of years:D

July 13 –  Jace Wars Launch Party – Port Colborne

As part of a group of talent offering time and work to a great cause, Jace Wars is offering up a great afternoon full of StarWars awesomeness!

August 23-26 –  FanExpo Toronto Canada –  Metro Convention Centre (South Building)

This show is sure to be the largest in Canada. Top tier talent and celebrities, tons of things to see and do and aquire. I’m hoping to be there at the very least in league with The Comic Book Lounge and Gallery. I will keep you updated with things as details are firmed up, things may change indeed.

Hopefully there will be more events to be a part of. For now you can keep tabs on the Comic Book Lounge and Gallery page, as I most likely will be around during any events they hold(except for ladies night functions).


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Holmes Incorporated 4 is underway, ya don’t say?!

So today was the official first production meeting of the new gang of the latest edition of Holmes, Incorporated. About 16 of us thereabouts gathered along with Ty Templeton and Keiren Smith to listen to pitches from the available writers of the group. Several awesome ideas were presented, giving the sense that this would prove to be the best anthology yet.

At the end, Ty asked that the artists list who they’d like to work with, and which stories they liked the most. Likewise, the writers were given the chance to voice their choices for which artist they’d like to work with. The process is standard in the group anthology, and Ty makes the decision by next week.  I’m just glad to be a part of this great book and community again, so any story and writer I am partnered with will prove to be a fun experience

Holmes4_sketch1 Holmes4_sketch2



So the wheels are up and we are officially on our way towards putting together another stellar collection of stories based on the brainchild of Ty Templeton.

Holmes, Incorporated is a go.


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Fresh new moving forward.

So for now, I’ve finished all my classes at the Comic Book Lounge and Gallery. I’m still a presence there as Artist in Residence, and currently set up shop working on projects I have on the go, as well as my numerous sketchcovers (see the Sketches, Commissions and Prints section for samples).

The ‘Lounge’ has a great atmosphere, and has welcomed me warmly, so I couldn’t think of a better workspace. I get the chance to meet and talk with lots of people coming in for the comics, or getting work done through the peeps at Guerilla Printing (very cool folks as well, I trust all my printing to them).

For upcoming events, first up is obviously Free Comic Book Day at the Comic Book Lounge(May 4 -Star Wars DAY! Double win!) It’s sure to be a fun-filled event, with lots of creatives , collectors, fans and general awesomeness to take part in. Check here for all the details, and be sure to drop by if you can!

After that, on May 18th, you can find me taking part in FUN Expo 2013- a special Star Wars event hosted and organized by the fine people of The 501 Force United Niagara. I took part in the event last year, and had a blast.

Shortly after that, I will be found at Niagara Comic Con 2013, as part of the Comic Book Lounge group booth. Last year was the first in the new location, the Scotiabank Convention Centre, in Niagara Falls.

In the interim I will also be taking part in the Production of Holmes, Incorporated #4, organized and produced by Ty Templeton, Keiren Smith from the the Comic Book Embassy. As part of the master class that completes the first and second installments of Ty’s Comic Book Bootcamp, Holmes,Incorporated showcases the best talent and hardest work of his students. I’ve always was and will continue to be a proud member of this organization.

Hopefully I will be able to take part in this years supercon, FanExpo 2013. But I will update things as the days get closer. I know I’ve slacked a bit in updating this site, but with new developments with work and stuff, I will have more to shout about in the days months and year to come.


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