Hogtown Horror! Hooray!!

Hogtown Horror Anthology Kickstarter!

Once again I’ve been proudly in collaboration with lots of great Toronto creators on another comics anthology. This time, horror and creepiness dominate the city’s landscape as tales of ghosts, zombies and all matter of terrifying scenes make their debut.

I had the amazing privilege of taking part in not one but two stories in this book. The first, “Dwayne’s Inferno” is written by Sam Noir and is about as creepy as a home life tale as one can tell. The other story,”Cronenberg” written by Mike, is just that- a tale about David Cronenberg.

I’m super stoked to see this whole collection of stories come to life, with such talent on board to give it true Toronto Horror style. Please check out the link and help see this book make its way to the stands!

Latest Works and Events 2016

Here are a few samples of the work I have in progress or yet to be released.  As well I’m listing events that are upcoming in the year. Updates as I get things done. Other samples can be seen in my other sections. Be sure to check out all the work🙂


Cambridge Comic Arts Festival event – Cambridge Ontario

2016 Cambridge Comic Arts Festival logo [68780]CCAF2016

I’ll be one of the comic guests featured at this years Cambridge Comic Arts Festival, hosted by Studio Comics in Cambridge Ontario at the Idea Exchange. I will be sketching and signing for fans along with many other artists and creatives in August.

Instagram – I post pretty much all my sketches there.

More of these can be seen on my Instagram – yaozagraphics

Who’s ready for Captain America – Civil War?

Agent Romanoff sketch


Iron Man sketch – I’m with Team Tony.


More sketches – week of April 8 2016

A sampling from Seven Strange Stories by Oliver Ho – The Floating Girl (coming June 2016)

From Toronto Comicon 2016 –  a few sketches

From a contribution to Toronto Comics Anthology Volume 3 (May 2016) A night to Remember – Written by Rob Shapiro

Interview with Comic Book Culture Dec 2013


Speedsketch – Rhino