Christmas bloggins..

Hey all,

I’ll admit, when I first started this blog, I was soo jazzed about keeping it up to date, and promising almost daily postings.  But I realize that between the workloads, and other life stuff, that it’s practically an impossibility. I mean, you gotta LIVE and BREATHE this blog. I use it mainly to art dump and portfolio resource. But that’s ok, for what it is it serves its purpose.

With that said, once in a while I’ll pop on to update a status and show I’m attending, but even that seemingly is too random lol.
Anyway, I got some new samples in the Various sequential page, and a few new covers I worked on in the Sketchcovers section. With Christmas fast approaching, I’m offering up the cartooning and portraiture commissions, which would make great gifts indeed. Check out my rates in the pricing section.

With that said, I’m wishing all of you a safe and happy holiday season!


Gettin’ on that Star Wars train…

So it’s time for me to get super psyched about the impending release of the new Star Wars film, Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Of course I’ve seen the trailers and sneek peek pictures. They’re pretty tough to avoid, especially if you’re part of a comic community like I am.
On the heels of the new hype, I decided to do a few custom sketchcovers to celebrate the new film ( which is out in early December, booo- so far away lol).
These covers are of course based on the Star Wars kids prints I created last year.

sketchcover_StarWarskids1 sketchcover_StarWarskids2 sketchcover_StarWarskids3

The kid styling has been very well received over the last couple of years, so I figured, why not apply it to some covers. Unfortunately, I’m without marker colours until more jobs allow me to restock. These covers are of course for sale, and can be purchased individually at $50 CAD each, or as a set, for $100 CAD.

If I do end up at a location on Star Wars day (May 4) , I will have the covers on hand, as well as additional blanks for commissioned pieces.



So sufficed to say, things in 2015 have gotten off to a pretty good start, thanks in part to some friends who have helped me gather more work to do. As stated in the earlier post, I’ve had some fun doing both a 10-page(issue 3), and a 5-page(issue 4) story for the boys at the Toronto Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu dojo. The comics are written by my friend Aaron Broverman. Along with that, I’ve completed a pin-up for my friend D.A. Bishop, in celebration of his second issue of “Of Stone”.
The most recent project has me drawing a 12 page story for the fellows at Heroes of the North. The story stars Jackpot, the first character that I had the pleasure of designing the look for. I’m having a great time working on it, and of course, I will post some preview pages here when it’s all done.

Jackpot in ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ Heroes of the North 12 page story(layout)
Of Stone pinup
Submission Samurai Issue 3
Submission Samurai Issue 4

As for shows and events-

Upcoming is the final Wednesday at The Comic Book Lounge.  The owner Kevin Boyd will be retooling the buisness into a smaller, simpler service that’s more cost effective and less stressful. I’ve had the pleasure and honor of being a regular customer, an art instructor, part-time help, and artist-in-residence at the Lounge, and indeed it saddens me to see the store close. The memories and great friends I’ve made there keep me smiling though, and so the event on April 29th will celebrate a comic store that was above and beyond. Of course I will be on hand, and if you can, you should make it out as well.

On May 2nd, the first Saturday in May, celebrates Free Comic Book Day, where all fans of comic books come out to get- you guessed it – free comics. Along with that, several stores host the event showcasing artists and other comic creators. I’ve been asked to attend the event at Stadium Comics in Brampton’s Shoppers World mall. Lots of artists have taken part in this location’s event, and it will be my first attendance at Stadium. Again, a great time to be had, so you should come on out.

Next after that is the official Star Wars day, May 4th. Some stores take part in this event, and surely information can be found online who and where things happen. I might be attending somewhere, but failing that, I will be here posting my own original Star Wars works – sketches, sketchcovers, and prints- all which will be available for purchase.

Finally, the event called Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF) takes place the weekend of May 9-10 at the Toronto Reference Library located just south of Yonge and Bloor. Many creators will be there and it’s free admission, so why wouldn’t you join in the fun. I will be popping by there, mostly in service to the Toronto Comics Anthology 2 attendance, promoting the new book, of which I drew a 12 page story inside, Major North, written by Sam Noir.  The first anthology last year was a great hit, and this one promises to deliver even more awesomeness!

That’s about it for now, as plans in June and the rest of the summer are foggy at best, but I will keep you updated with any changes.

– Yaoza

Major North!

Hey gang,

So I offered up two of my pages from the Major North story as part of incentive for the Kickstarter campaign, but as stretch goal reward. I do believe they are still available, but you can check here
I thought I would do a nice pin up image, just cause. So here’s Major North, in all his coloured glory. As well, I’ve done a pinup image for a good friend , D.A. Bishop , for his second issue of his series, Of Stone. You can check it out here

Keep up to date. I’ll be posting future show appearances (I’m dying to get back on the convention circuit). Most if not all will probably be in the Toronto area.


Gan from D.A. Bishop’s OF STONE
Major North from Toronto Comics Anthology


Toronto Comics Anthology – Kickstarter style!

Hey all,

Just wanted to pass along a great update – The story I worked on with Sam Noir for inclusion to the second edition of the Toronto Comics Anthology (more info in previous post), is almost seeing the light of day! A Kickstarter campaign is getting up and running, and if you’re able to, help support this project full of amazing creators! You won’t regret it.
Check out the link , and help be a part of this great project!

Toronto Comics Anthology 2 Kickstarter Campaign

– Yaoza

Back on my feet, slow and steady.

Hey all, sorry about the lengthy absence from the site. 2014 was just a superb fail all around. With the exception of my little drawing ventures, I didn’t much enjoy things at all.

With the new year a few months underway, I’ve found a brighter outlook, both in health and work. I’ve already been involved in a couple new comic book gigs, and I’m hoping to get out to more shows and events this year.

2015 started pretty well, I got on board with a session of a few comics for the Toronto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu dojo. A comic venture aimed at their younger students, not too far departed than the Y Guy comics I worked on a couple of years ago. Fun stories written by my friend and BJJ member Aaron Broverman, the mostly black and white stories star two top members of the dojo as heroes defeating an evil cult like rival dojo. A few pages of the 3rd issue (I took over duties from the previous artist Shane Heron) I’ve posted in the sequential gallery.

Along with the BJJ gig, I have also been honored to work collaboratively with Sam Noir on a 12 page story for the second collection of the Toronto Comics Anthology. I had the enjoyment of working with him on a small strip he did called Dwayne’s Inferno.  The story we’ve done is called Major North ( I’ll post a few pages in the sequential gallery when I’m able to).

Beyond those two little adventures, I’ve got a small stack of new sketchcovers, including the long awaited new STAR WARS series blanks – there’s also a set of Princess Leia and Darth Vader ones). I’m in the process of sketching out more ideas for these, with at least one of each being dedicated to the kid versions of characters I’ve created. I’ll post them as soon as they’re done. Of course as always I’m available to do commissions, so let me know if you’d like to have one done up :).

Ok, so it’s back to the drawing surface, hopefully to come up with some more decent drawrings.


Getting creative

It’s a tough road, being creative.

It shouldn’t be, what with all the mounds of infinite  inspiration and outlets afforded to artists. But it is. It’s a challenge, and one that I’ve gladly accepted with pencil to paper and mindgears spinning. 
Sometimes the pencil breaks, on it’s own or by my frustrated force. And the gears seize up, the grinding shrill squeak echoing in my head. I hit a wall with a story. My pinup or sketchcover isn’t coming together the way I planned. It happens to all of us.
When your life revolves around these sessions of creating art, it’s almost devastating when there’s a void in the inspiration and everything stops. Sometimes I just want to break down and let it go. I’ll feel heavy headed, and no amount of words from others will pull me out of the mire.

At some point, though,  I will stop and think really hard about why I’m here and what I’m worth to what I’ve dedicated my life to. And it sure as hell isn’t about sitting on my ass feeling hard done by.
I’m here for one reason. I’m supposed to give everything and all my energy and positivity to the one thing I love most. Art.

It’s only as hard a road as you make it.



QuickDraw video – First attempt

Recently I was asked if I wanted to be filmed sketching for what’s known as  ‘quicksketch video’. Basically after I’m recorded doing a 15-20 min sketch, the video is sped to 2x speed and accompanied by music. Sufficed to say it was interesting to see me work in a lightning fast pace, seemingly making me look that much more pro lol. Anyway, here’s the result.

Many thanks to my friend John. J.C. Bulmer for the video, as well as the fine folks at We Got The Geek.

FanExpo 2013 come and gone.

I suppose the reason I haven’t or didn’t report on FanExpo, aside from being busy with trying to get work done to pay the bills, is well, there wasn’t too much to report. I managed with a couple of friends, and the help of another friend to procure a table at the last minute in artist’s alley at the show. The location was meh, but beggars can’t be choosers. I was fortunate and thankful to be at the show, but honestly I will make a more valiant effort to get settled with a table next year. Buuuut…

That’s the thing, in my line of work. You never know how your money situation from one project to the next is going to work out. So during the past year, I have been struggling to get the money flow going, and it was going pretty well. Alas not well enough to secure a table. I knew however, that if I didn’t make it to the show that I would regret it. So when an opportunity made itself known, I jumped at it. It was a hanging-by-the-nails moment up until showtime, but it worked out.  The 4 days were busy, but not lucrative. hopefully next year might yield better results.

So since then, I’ve been back to whichever projects I’ve had to finish up, and as well messing around with a couple of sketchcovers. I promised myself that I wouldn’t be spending so much time on them. Honestly though, if it helps me retain that ‘drawing every day’ groove, then why not.

249314_10153183649790321_882450401_n 1170665_10153175781145321_1823032004_n


I’m still hoping to make some appearances at whatever small show venues will have me, as it does help with my exposure to the comic/gaming/geek community, and the rest of the showgoing public. It’s all about getting your name out there, right?


12 Hour Comic Book Challenge Marathon – July 2013

So once again I took part in the Comic Challenge at the Comic Book Lounge and Gallery, this time again of the 12-hour variety. Of course I was surrounded by many familiar and new faces, all of which were full of creative energy.

I chose this time out to do the comic myself, writing and art. And I think that it turned out pretty decent. It was a story idea that I had put aside shortly after finishing college, and never thought to do anything with until today :)

So, for your viewing curiosity, is my solo effort titled,  – Greylight – the story of Ordine, a man chosen to be a herald of a mystical power called the Greylight, an ability to travel between realms and see that which is unseen by normal mortals. His belief is that he is the  sole multi-realm representative in this city he calls home, until he is proven otherwise…

Greylight_001 Greylight_002 Greylight_003 Greylight_004 Greylight_005 Greylight_006 Greylight_007 Greylight_008 Greylight_009 Greylight_010 Greylight_011 Greylight_012
Many thanks go out to Kevin Boyd and Keiren Smith for hosting another great event!
I will most likely ink and properly finish up this comic for print.

Until then, sleep for moi.