12 Hour Comic Book Marathon

Well, once again I travelled onto the path of the Comic book marathon, this time round it being the 12 hour, 12 page event run by the Comic Book Embassy and The Comic Book Lounge, who hosted the event. It was a chance again to meet up with fellow creators, many of whom I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know, and others who finally I’ve been happily able to meet for the first time.
This event, though not as grand in scale as the 24 hour challenge, still had a significant bunch of creators come together and work their tails off to complete 12 pages in as many hours starting at 11 am. I of course, due to nervous energy, showed up at around 9 am, after only 3 and some hours sleep. Surprisingly, after a good breakfast and meeting up with all the other artists and writers, my creative muscle kicked into high gear and I got my second wind and set forth on the marathon.

This story is told by my writer for this round, Joe Kilmartin, as an autobiographical recollection of his meeting of Eartha Kitt. Funny, and poignant, I found it to be a great story, and the ease in which we were able to work through it was like a knife through butter. I chose to work at the smaller 5×8 inch size this time round, which afforded me more detail and precise linework. Nevertheless I was still one of the last to finish, having only 14 min to spare before time was called.

Absolutely a fantastic time with many friendly faces and such amazing and creative enthusiasm, it made for a great day!
So without further ado, here I present our story. The script by Joe Kilmartin with me on art duties. A title is still in the works, as is a cover for the book. Enjoy!



And here from  the following year, is the other 12 hour comic I did by myself. The story is an idea that I cultivated in college around the same time as I developed Fauntkin. The title is Greylight. A story about a man with the ability to phase between dimensions. He’s otherwise a regular joe looking to just live his life as normal as possible, at the same time being charged with the responsibility of being a protector; the only protector of his kind in the city. Others like him exist in other cities and countries, with the same duties.

I figured I would start the story off with a situation of his fellow ‘phasers’ going missing suddenly and him being asked to find out what happened. Since the marathon was only for 12 pages and the story couldn’t be thought out beforehand, I had to be inventive with my storytelling. Overall I think it worked out just fine, and I hope to one day reformat it to actual finished comic pages.


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