24 Hour Comic Day Challenge

Here for your viewing somethingorother is the product of my first attempt at the 24 Hour Comic Book challenge.
The orgin of the challenge can be read up here

Basically the objective was to create 24 pages in 24 hours. It is held as a personal challenge to comic creators, and in my case, a way to join with others in the practice as well. I was lucky to be surrounded by so many other amazingly creators at The Comic Book Lounge and Gallery, great people and a great environment.
My first journey into this was not a solo one, as usually is the case. Instead, I collaborated with a writer, James Cooper, to dig our heels in to try and achieve the goal.
The result is a fun and action packed romp involving robots.

My goal was of course, to get a page done an hour. What ended up happening was that I ended up finishing in about 45-50 min a page. This gave me  a chance to rest my hand between pages. I know it’s rough looking, but as one other participant stated, it’s the raw nature of the rendering that shows the true passion of the event. Telling an interesting story, and keeping it fun, and challenging yourself to get that book done in 24 hours.

My verdict? I had a great time, and of course was wiped out by the end, but it was worth it. A great challenge of the mind and endurance and creativity.

So I present – Sad Robot –


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