Sequential sample Page – Holmes, Incorporated

HOLMES INC. is the brainchild of Toronto comic book impresario Ty Templeton, instructor at the Comic Book Boot Camp, a training ground for up-and-coming writers and artists. Contributors to the comic are students and alumni of the CBBC, many of whom are graduates of Ty’s classes. With this project they’ve put to work what they’ve learned at the Comic Book Boot Camp to show off their skills, and created a great comic in the process.

These are a collection of my contributions to 4 issues of the Holmes, Incorporated anthology, beginning at 2010.

2010 –  Welcome to Holmes, Incorporated – Written by Greg Dunford, Letters by K.T. Smith

2011 The Last Tango – Written by Darius Fox , Letters by K.T. Smith


2012 Murder on the Moon – Written by Mike Marano, Letters by K.T. Smith


2013 It Ain’t Easy being Green – Written by Kathleen Gallagher, Letters by K.T. Smith



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